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Five for the Price of FOUR offer


Upgrade your training facility with a striking ensemble of five arena mirrors, each measuring 2440 x 1220 x 23mm (8ft x 4ft), elegantly mounted on a captivating timber structure securely anchored into the ground with concrete support, complete with essential back legs and cross bracings. These mirrors are affixed on tilt brackets, ensuring stability against windy conditions. Furthermore, the flexibility to hang them either in portrait or landscape orientation adds to the allure, promising a splendid viewing experience.


Just like people, most horses are one-sided. That's why riding in front of mirrors is the ideal way to assess your and your horse's straightness. At Mirrors for Training, we believe that mirrors are a game-changer in equestrian training. They enable you to observe your horse's movements and ensure straightness, which is essential for proper riding technique and performance. How can you know if your horse is straight if you can't see him?


Top 8 reasons for having them.


1. Checking your position - When you are working on your own, you tend naturally to focus on the horse and lose the focus on your riding. The arena mirrors allow me to see what I am doing and make corrections where I need to.


2. Checking the straightness of the horse


Again, not having eyes on the ground all the time mirrors are a really useful aid for you to check your horse’s straightness and balance. Some things can look different to how they feel and so being able to check details in the mirrors adds another dimension.


3. Checking the horses balance - Sometimes it can feel like your horse is in a good outline and that they are taking enough weight on the hind legs but this isn’t always the case. The mirrors allow me to check this and correct accordingly.


4. Checking angles and lines - I like to do half pass and shoulder-in lines towards the mirrors to check that I am staying on the correct line and my horse is staying parallel, as well as being in the correct balance.


5. Checking your rein length - Personally my reins can often become too long; so riding in front of the mirror every day is a continual reminder of this and that has definitely helped me ride with a shorter rein.


6. Monitoring the progress of young horses - Setting up jumps towards the arena mirrors allows me to check the young horses’ technique and if there is anything we need to work on or improve. 


7.As a Teaching Aid - The mirrors are invaluable when I am teaching because they are both a double check of how things look from the ground. I will also ask the riders to check in the mirror themselves as things can look very different from the floor.


8. Working on Flying ChangesIf a horse is learning changes and is not quite established at them and you do not have eyes on the ground, the arena mirrors are brilliant for checking whether the changes are clean and through.


Listen up, equestrians! Our arena mirrors are the real deal - tough, durable, and designed to keep you safe. Unlike flimsy glass sheets, our arena mirrors are encased in a steel frame backed by an impact core. We take safety seriously, especially when it comes to outdoor use. Don't settle for less - our mirrors are crafted in-house in the midlands and come with a whopping **4 YEAR guarantee**. Ride with confidence!


We need a only 1m clearance behind the arena to accommodate the back legs and cross bracing supports that keep the structure sturdy enough to handle any windy weather. The timber we use is tanalised for extra durability and the mirrors are set at the perfect angle for your needs. Not enough clearance? No worries! Just snap a few photos and we'll re-quote with any extra timber needed.


Our arena mirrors aren't just any old mirrors! They're installed in a special way that'll keep them standing tall no matter how strong the winds. We use top-notch brackets that are drilled into the mirrors, making sure they stay put even in the wildest of storms. Plus, our Mirrors for Training system is built to last and can take on any kind of weather. But wait, there's more! We even offer a re-mirroring service that'll keep your mirror shining for years and years.


Get ready to train like a champ with our unbeatable Training Arena Mirrors! These showstoppers are a whopping 2440 x 1220 (that's 8ft x 4ft) and boast a 6mm thick, top-notch glass that meets British Standard regulations. Safety is our middle name, which is why we've got your back with safety-backed mirrors that can take a bump without shattering. And, we don't stop there. Our sealed frames keep pesky water out, while a 12mm impact layer wards off cracks, flexes, or distortions. And, for the ultimate personal touch, our tilt brackets let you adjust the angle to fit your needs. Train like a pro and see the difference with our Training Arena Mirrors!



5 Mirrors Installed on Timber Structure

£4,995.00 Regular Price
£3,995.00Sale Price
  • The best investment any rider can make is to invest in Mirrors for Training 

    Whatever level you are currently training in, your riding can be enhanced once you install Mirrors for Training , we aim to assist dressage riders to monitor and evaluate the growth and progress of their horses and in so doing they can easily adjust training methods when and where needed.

    Riders using mirrors will find that the visual feedback on their own position keeps bad habits at bay and improves their riding.

  • Mirrors for Training Ltd are The UK Number 1 Supplier  in Arena Mirrors - supplying the UK and beyond for over 12 successful years  – are as used by 1000's of professional riders worldwide, 

    As used by Mary King, Pippa Funnel, Mark Todd, Richard Waygood, Richard Davison, Keith Robinson, Daniel Sherriff, Sophie Wells, Nikki Crisp, Jonelle Price, Andrew Nicholson, Gareth Hughes to name but a few - Mirrors for Training is the Professionals Choice in Arena Mirrors Our system is of exceptional quality - 


    Beware of any mirrors that are not our exceptional quality as many companies use cheap foreign mirrors that are very poor quality reflection and not really fit for use at a distance required in dressage. - 

    Most importantly all our mirrors are safe and fit for purpose. 

    Peace of Mind - choose Mirrors for Training - 



    "The Quality is in the Reflection”


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