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The Gift Of Reflection - 

Are you Halts Square?

Looking to perfect your shoulder in?

Need to assess and improve your horses outline ?

How is the hind leg coming through

Monitor angle and bend in lateral work


Perfect all this and more by adding Mirrors to your arena

Self Evaluation of your training - daily - so much easier to do with mirrors - steel backed tough outdoor mirrors




Each 8ft x 4ft x 4mm safety backed to British Standard (this safety backing ensures that no large shards of glass come away should the mirror have an impact. 

Our arena mirrors are secured within a hot dipped galvanised framed unit preventing water ingress and have an impact layer (absorbing any shock, this prevents breakages, flex and distortion)

Complete with installation brackets Mirrors for Training system of mirrors is extremely durable and weather retardant -


These can be hung either vertically (portrait), or horizontally (landscape). indoor or outdoor arenas

Burghley HT Offer 4no Arena Mirrors delivered

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