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Five Arena Mirrors for DIY Install.


If your a Keen DIYer this is for you - we supply full instructions you just need to buy the posts for you to erect your mirrors on to 


Our arena mirrors are renowned for their durability and toughness, distinguishing them from other ostensibly comparable products. Unlike conventional sheets of glass, our mirrors are assembled in our factory located in the Midlands, featuring an 3 layer system of safety mirrors, impact-resistant core enclosed within a sturdy steel frame and backing. This is particularly vital when using mirrors outdoors, as glass on its own, even with a safety backing, will not suffice in terms of durability. Our mirrors are supported by a proven system and installation process, and we offer an extensive guarantee.


Get ready to saddle up with our top-notch arena mirrors! Our 5-piece set comes equipped with sturdy brackets and a solid steel sheet backing for extra durability. Galvanized steel frames each mirror to perfection, boasting an overall thickness of 22mm. These beauties are built for equestrian use, so you can count on them to last. What's more, they're designed for hassle-free DIY installation with our "Easy Fit" Brackets, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor arenas.


Get ready to see yourself and your horse in a whole new light with our Arena Mirrors! These beauties measure a whopping 8ft x 4ft, with a thickness of 23mm and safety backing to meet British Standards. You won't have to worry about any dangerous shards if there's ever an impact. Our mirrors are constructed with premium Pilkington glass, encased in galvanized steel sheeting for an extra-strong hold. Plus, the sealed edges keep water from sneaking in and causing any damage.
Our innovative non-warp technology ensures that you'll get a crystal-clear reflection that's unmatched. Whether you're practicing indoors or out, vertically or horizontally, our mirrors are adaptable to any configuration. Trust us, your equestrian training will never be the same!


Our Arena Mirrors bring a whole new level of ease to your installation game. Not only are they a breeze to install with their easy-fit brackets, but they also up the ante by being built with a unique design that keeps them standing strong against even the most ferocious winds. Plus, our Mirrors for Training system is so tough it's practically indestructible, thanks to being weather-resistant and ultra-durable. And, as if that wasn't enough, we currently offer a re-mirroring service, which means you get to enjoy these top-notch mirrors for a lifetime.


Our mirrors are a breed apart from the competition with their supreme, crystal-clear reflection and steadfast, un-warpable construction- custom-crafted especially for horse enthusiasts like you.
We don't share our magic with anyone else, so you won't stumble upon these mirrors anywhere else.
And, we've made it a breeze with our easy-fit brackets that make installation a cinch!



Installation also available ask for a quote 


Outdoor mirrors need to be top-of-the-line because you want a clear reflection that covers a wide area without any wonky distortions. Our mirrors are crafted especially for horse training, so you can expect the best of the best.





  • Whatever level you are currently training in, your riding can be enhanced once you install Mirrors for Training , we aim to assist dressage riders to monitor and evaluate the growth and progress of their horses and in so doing they can easily adjust training methods when and where needed.

    Riders using mirrors will find that the visual feedback on their own position keeps bad habits at bay and improves their riding. 

    An arena mirror can’t take the place of an instructor, but it will help riders to stick to subtle changes made during lessons and make more progress between sessions.


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