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Five Arena Mirrors for DIY Install. Badminton Offer - Pre Order Now 


Experience World Class Equestrian mirrors exclusively manufactured by Mirrors for Training - Establishing excellence for 17 years! 



For the avid DIY enthusiast, this offering is tailor-made for you - we provide comprehensive instructions, requiring only the purchase of posts to mount your mirrors.

Our arena mirrors are widely acclaimed for their durability and resilience, setting them apart from comparable products. Unlike conventional glass sheets often passed off as arena mirrors by others, our mirrors are meticulously manufactured in our Midlands-based factory. They feature a three-layer system comprising safety mirrors, an impact-resistant core encased within a robust steel frame and backing. This construction is especially critical for outdoor mirror usage, as standalone glass, even with a safety backing, lacks the necessary durability. Our mirrors are bolstered by a proven system and installation process, accompanied by an extensive warranty.

Prepare for an elevated equestrian experience with our premium arena mirrors! Our five-piece set is furnished with sturdy brackets and a robust steel sheet backing for enhanced longevity. Each mirror is encased in galvanized steel frames, boasting a total thickness of 22mm. Designed specifically for equestrian applications, these mirrors are engineered to endure. Furthermore, their "Easy Fit" Brackets facilitate effortless DIY installation, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Elevate your equestrian practice with our Arena Mirrors, offering dimensions of 8ft x 4ft, and a 23mm thickness with safety backing compliant with British Standards. These mirrors are crafted from premium Pilkington glass, encased in galvanized steel sheeting for added strength. The sealed edges prevent water infiltration, safeguarding against damage. Our innovative non-warp technology guarantees a pristine reflection, adaptable to any setup, whether vertical or horizontal. Prepare for a transformative equestrian training experience!

Our Arena Mirrors redefine ease of installation, featuring easy-fit brackets for effortless setup. These mirrors are constructed with a unique design that ensures stability even against strong winds. The Mirrors for Training system is exceptionally robust, weather-resistant, and durable, virtually indestructible. Additionally, we offer a re-mirroring service, ensuring a lasting investment in these exceptional mirrors.

Distinguished by their exceptional clarity and unwavering construction, our mirrors are custom-crafted for discerning horse enthusiasts like you. Exclusively engineered, you won't find these mirrors elsewhere. Their easy-fit brackets streamline installation, making it a straightforward process.

Should you prefer, installation services are available upon request.

Outdoor mirrors need to be World Class because you want a clear reflection that covers a wide area without any distortions. Our mirrors are crafted especially for horse training, so you can expect the best of the best. Established 17 years!


The price covers delivery within the UK and Ireland, with installation services extending throughout Europe (europe contact us for a shipping quote)

and a dedicated US distributor for our American clientele.



5 Equestrian Training Mirrors Delivered

£1,695.95 Regular Price
£1,495.95Sale Price
  • Whatever level you are currently training in, your riding can be enhanced once you install Mirrors for Training , we aim to assist dressage riders to monitor and evaluate the growth and progress of their horses and in so doing they can easily adjust training methods when and where needed.

    Riders using mirrors will find that the visual feedback on their own position keeps bad habits at bay and improves their riding. 

    An arena mirror can’t take the place of an instructor, but it will help riders to stick to subtle changes made during lessons and make more progress between sessions.


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