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Designed and Built to your unique specifications, our steel-framed, Allspan Arena Covers are durable and easy-to-install; making them ideal for equestrian usage. Installed over your existing outdoor arena, to give you a covered riding experience allowing you to use your arena 365 days a year. ​An ideal investment to any yard, fabricated using quality galvanised steelwork, that will last many years.Available fully installed by us or self erect option for you to install, supplied with erection drawing and fixings kit. ​Allspan Arenas supply Covers using a Portal Frame method for maximum space and flexibility. Allspan Arena Cover can be any span to cover your outdoor arena.Because our systems are totally flexible and adaptable, we can work to your requirements to provide the ideal building for your needs. ​Allspan Arenas offer permanent and temporary build options. Our System also enables you to add the sides to your arena should you wish to do so in the future - making this a very versatile option

Constructing your very own indoor riding arena is surely the ultimate dream of any horse owner. - often a very costly process -why not choose a covered riding arena - the best of both worlds, cover your outdoor arena with a canopy /roof ,whatever the size of your outdoor arena we can cover it for you! The long term benefits of riding in a covered environment will soon outweigh the costs of adding the structure and roof covering.

Enabling riders the opportunity to work and continue training their horses throughout the year regardless of weather conditions.  Allspan Arenas – will give you the best of both worlds shade from the sun and protection from rain, but still have an open and airy feel.  


Horse riding becomes possible 365 days a year. 


 or message us with your postcode, arenasize and email for a quote 

Installation also available from £106,000+ VAT

Arena Covers 20 x 40 Supply


    Or 6 weekly interest free payments with

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