Mirrors for Training 

At Mirrors for Training we are passionate about giving our customers the most exciting experience possible – to all disciplines whether their enjoyment comes from dressage, show jumping, eventing, carriage driving, racing or simply riding for pleasure.

Mirrors for Training Ltd are The UK Number 1 Supplier  in Arena Mirrors - supplying the UK and beyond for over 12 successful years  – are as used by 1000's of professional riders worldwide, 

As used by Mary King, Pippa Funnel, Mark Todd, Richard Waygood, Richard Davison, Keith Robinson, Daniel Sherriff, Sophie Wells, Nikki Crisp, Jonelle Price, Andrew Nicholson, Gareth Hughes to name but a few - Mirrors for Training is the Professionals Choice in Arena Mirrors

On average we have 28 riders using our system at Badminton /Burghley


Our system is of exceptional quality - We manufacture large quantities of arena mirrors and ship worldwide

Beware of any mirrors that are not our exceptional quality as many companies use cheap foreign mirrors that are very poor quality reflection and not really fit for use at a distance required in dressage. - 

Most importantly all our mirrors are safe and fit for purpose. 

Peace of Mind - choose Mirrors for Training - 

"The Quality is in the Reflection”

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