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5no Mirrors installed £5000 INC VAT. -   SHOW PRICE £4095 


Our professional site technicians will  install  your training  mirrors to an exacting standard in compliance with our tried & tested methods of installation.

Mirrors for Training Arena Mirrors comprise of a THREE LAYER SYSTEM of components containing a 6mm thick Safety Mirror is laid on a 12mm thick Impact Core of high density foam and a heavy duty galvanised steel backing.


We manufacture using only the highest clarity reflection 6mm safety backed glass to British Standard (BS 6206)

The safety backing is designed to prevent large shards of glass breaking away should the mirror be broken or damaged.


The Mirrors and the 12mm thick impact core are designed to absorb any sudden shock or impact and protect against breakages and shards of glass becoming detached but also protects against any flex and distortion.


The Mirrors are encased around their entire perimeter with a tough galvanised frame to provide structural integrity and help prevent water ingress. 

The size of EACH mirror is a Generous 2440 high x 1220wide x 23mm thick


Our System of arena mirrors are the toughest on the market today, Safety comes first with all our mirrors they are tough and fit for purpose for outdoor use! They are not just sheets of mirror glass like some others call arena mirrors. Our arena mirrors are encased in galvanised steel fabricated in our factory in the midlands, have an impact core and encased within a steel frame and backing - this is so important when using mirrors outdoors - glass on its own with a safety backing will not be durable enough for use outdoors, our system is proven, and when we install we offer a generous 4 YEAR guarantee.


FIVE Arena Mirrors - Installed on timber structure.   Timber structures - all timber would be tantalised -all structure concreted in to the the ground and would include all back leg bracing and cross bracings - and installation of above mirrors on tilt brackets.  Our arena Mirrors would be secured into brackets - this prevents failings in high winds.

These can be hung either vertically (portrait), or horizontally (landscape). indoor or outdoor arenas


We also instal on a Galvanised Steel Structure message us for a quote 


We require 1m level clearance behind the arena as all structures have back leg and cross bracing supports to ensure the structure is braced and fit to withstand high wind loadings.  All the timber we use is tanalised  and the mirrors are installed on a tilt bracket which is angled to your individual requirements. ( no problem if you dont have level clearance we would need to see photos and requote additional timber )


Our mirrors are installed in a unique way that prevents them failing in strong winds our arena mirror system - the mirrors are drilled into the brackets this really secures the mirrors and enables them to withstand strong winds . Mirrors for Training system of mirrors is extremely durable and weather retardant - also we offer a re–mirroring service so this is a long life product



4 Year warantee on all installations 


Pay over 12 Months email me for an application


This is an exclusive high end product, as used by 1000’s of professional riders worldwide 


*This rules out ugly distortion. all our mirrors are perfect clarity reflection 


£5,000.00 Regular Price
£4,095.00Sale Price
  • The best investment any rider can make is to invest in Mirrors for Training 

    Whatever level you are currently training in, your riding can be enhanced once you install Mirrors for Training , we aim to assist dressage riders to monitor and evaluate the growth and progress of their horses and in so doing they can easily adjust training methods when and where needed.

    Riders using mirrors will find that the visual feedback on their own position keeps bad habits at bay and improves their riding.

  • Mirrors for Training Ltd are The UK Number 1 Supplier  in Arena Mirrors - supplying the UK and beyond for over 12 successful years  – are as used by 1000's of professional riders worldwide, 

    As used by Mary King, Pippa Funnel, Mark Todd, Richard Waygood, Richard Davison, Keith Robinson, Daniel Sherriff, Sophie Wells, Nikki Crisp, Jonelle Price, Andrew Nicholson, Gareth Hughes to name but a few - Mirrors for Training is the Professionals Choice in Arena Mirrors Our system is of exceptional quality - 


    Beware of any mirrors that are not our exceptional quality as many companies use cheap foreign mirrors that are very poor quality reflection and not really fit for use at a distance required in dressage. - 

    Most importantly all our mirrors are safe and fit for purpose. 

    Peace of Mind - choose Mirrors for Training - 



    "The Quality is in the Reflection”


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