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INDOOR ARENA INSTALLATION _ Installation of EIGHT Arena Mirrors Installed to Indoor arena - installed horizontally -  subject to photo review as more timber may be required


Experience World Class Equestrian mirrors exclusively manufactured by Mirrors for Training - Establishing excellence for 17 years! Our steel-framed mirrors, backed with steel, stand as the most durable outdoor mirrors available. With an unmatched 4-year warranty, our training mirrors set a new standard.


We offer the ideal indoor arena mirror, providing a crystal-clear reflection with generous dimensions of 2440 x 1220. For the installation of mirrors on tilt brackets to your 20m indoor school, you'll require eight mirrors.


Our team of mirror technicians will ensure a perfect fitting, employing a three-layer system with impact core and resilient steel backing to provide you with the utmost durability and confidence during your ride.

We supply and install over 5000 Arena Mirrors annually and ship our systems worldwide. Our expertise in this field makes us the leading manufacturer of Arena Mirrors globally, guaranteeing you the highest quality and unparalleled performance.



Get ready to train like a champ with our unbeatable Training Arena Mirrors! These showstoppers are a whopping 2440 x 1220 (that's 8ft x 4ft) and boast a 6mm thick, top-notch glass that meets British Standard regulations. Safety is our middle name, which is why we've got your back with safety-backed mirrors that can take a bump without shattering. And, we don't stop there. Our sealed frames keep pesky water out, while a 12mm impact layer wards off cracks, flexes, or distortions. And, for the ultimate personal touch, our tilt brackets let you adjust the angle to fit your needs. Train like a pro and see the difference with our Training Arena Mirrors!

Mary King - I am perfecting my dressage with Mirrors for Training’s Arena Mirrors, I have found them to be an absolute asset. The visual feedback I get from the mirrors enable me to enhance my performance, it’s amazing the difference they make, I can see straight away what areas I need to focus my training lessons on. This is simply invaluable product, and one I simply could not be without.
Richard Davidson - I think mirrors are invaluable for providing instant feedback during training sessions. When it came to selecting my supplier I had no hesitation in choosing Mirrors for Training.

Every international rider I spoke to told me that they had their mirrors supplied by them. The service was great and the quality of the mirrors is top class'

Oliver Townend - International Event Rider As a professional rider my arena mirrors have become an invaluable piece of equipment. We have had ours installed by 'Mirrors for Training' because the quality and clarity of reflection were far superior than any I had seen in the past, but their service was also second to none, including helpful, sound advice and prompt erection. Not just me but my whole team have benefited greatly from the investment, helping us perfect all aspects of our riding and schooling, it's like having eyes on the ground all the time and we can't argue with our reflection. They have become such an important part of our training I cant believe we went so long without. Looking forward to the new season now.
Harry Meade - "I'm thrilled with my mirrors from Mirrors for Training. Through making me more aware of my own position, horses' outlines and the accuracy of movements Mirrors for Training have definitely helped me raise my game. Having experienced their benefits I wouldn't want to live without such a key training aide."
Pippa and William Funnel - The mirrors have become an integral part of our training regime, enabling us to continually check on the straightness of ourselves and our horses and to check on our positions and the horse's outline. They are an enormous benefit to the whole of The Billy Stud Team.
Ellen Whitaker – International Show Jumper “Our new arena mirrors from Mirrors for Training have added another dimension to our training. They give me an immediate view of both mine and the horse’s posture, which allows me to work on specific areas, making sure all our training time is used as effectively as it can be.”

Indoor Arena Full 20m 8 Mirrors Installed

£6,000.00 Regular Price
£4,000.00Sale Price

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