Set of 2 high quality caveletti jumps with poles - delivered



Cavaletti were invented by Federico Caprilli and designed to help a horse improve its balance, adjust its length of stride, and to loosen and strengthen its muscles.


They are often used in sets of at least four to six placed in a row, but have nearly unlimited ways they can be configured. Used at their lowest placement as ground rails or at a level no more than about 12 inches (30 cm) high, they can be set to encourage a proper length of stride. By being set closer or farther apart than a horse's natural stride, they encourage lengthening or shortening of the stride. Used as a "gymnastic" in conjunction with other horse jumping obstacles in a training ring, they help teach the horse how to approach a fence at the proper rate of speed and length of stride. Set at higher settings, they become small jumps to introduce young horses or beginning riders to jumping

Caveletti Horse Jumps - set of 2

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