If your a competitive rider, support and training from the ground is critical, offering criticism and advice from a perspective unaware to the rider. Yet, as good as that would be, it’s not possible to have support from a trainer every time you ride. - However the next best thing is strategically placed arena mirrors allow the rider to truly see what their horse is doing and how the horse is moving, something that even the best riders are unable to feel.
Arena mirrors really do give you a fresh perspective, allowing you to check your position, your horses gait and the movement as a whole as it happens, realtime, allowing you to correct your riding immediately and see the results. This visual feedback,  is invaluable at all levels of riding in crucial to the development of your horse.
Horizontal mirrors positioned over the centre line on the short side of your school are best for this as it gives more of an overall view of how your horse is working. We always recommend having 3 mirrors positioned here for maximum viewing. The mirrors have been designed for longevity and offer crystal clear vision.
How many mirrors should you have?
The choice is obviously yours but once you get your first, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without them!  All our clients say the same thing - as mirrors are 


Our most famous configuration is the Five (three horizontal at centre line and 2 vertical) 
We recommend starting with an odd number of horizontally placed mirrors on the centre line where. Having an odd number ensures when riding towards them, you stay central rather than riding towards a join where two mirrors meet. Positioning vertical mirrors on either side in the corner of the short side really does give you a full front on perspective as you travel along the long side. Your options are limitless and largely dependant on your budget but one is always better than none!
Benefits = results
The benefits of having mirrors installed in your arena are huge. So many Professional riders, use our system of Training mirrors they often praise them as they give you the opportunity to both see and feel how the horse is moving, something a trainer can’t even offer. Success comes from continual learning and striving to improve your performance each time. Mirrors offer support to that thesis – you can actually see for yourself if your horse is improving and how the movements are progressing.  
Our system of mirrors is the professionals choice - ( Mirrors for Training is a trusted brand)
riders  choose our system because we are the best on the market with and hours of research has gone in to ensuring that our mirror system is the most durable in all weather conditions - and always perfect clarity reflection  -  which is why we sell more mirrors than any other supply and ship them all over the world 
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